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  • Cat No: WRX WX092.9
  • Weight: 1.18kg
  • Dimensions: 244.00mm x 178.00mm x 82.00mm
  • SKU: WRX WX092.9
  • UPC: 6924328344391
WORX WX092.9 20V 2 in 1 Cordless Inflator without battery or charger

You can inflate all the tyres on the car and then some with the Worx 20V Power Share Portable Inflator. It fills up 4.5 tyres on one charge. And it goes from 0 - 2.5 Bar (0-36) psi in about 4 minutes per tire. That’s faster and more efficient than inflators from other brands. And you don’t have to plug it into your car’s DC port and then park some place that’s convenient to use it.

With the powerful 20V battery (that’s the same one we use on our leaf blowers and cordless chainsaws, by the way), you just bring the inflator wherever it needs to go. Take it to the pool, the dock, even pack it for a long bike ride, it’s the ultimate in portability and convenience. The LED lamp outputs 100-200 Lumens and can be used as a work light so you can see what you’re doing, a flashlight if you need to take a walk in the dark to a service station, even an emergency beacon to alert other motorists that you need assistance.

The flexible 0.9m (3-foot) hose lets you reach nozzles and stems that are hard to get at, and it comes with 3 adaptors: 1 sports ball needle, 1 Presta and bike valve adaptor, 1 tapered adaptor for small inflatables like pool toys. Plus, the soft-grip handle is comfortable to hold and use for long stretches. Keep the Worx 20V Power Share Portable Inflator in your trunk and gain the peace of mind you get from being prepared.

Kindly Note: Tool Only
This tool is supplied without a battery or charger. These need to be purchased separately if required. Do it all with WORX PowerShare™, the only cordless tool platform that uses the same battery to power 20V and 40V tools.
This inflator comes with adaptors that are best used for bike tyres, sport balls, and other small inflatables.
You need to set a pressure value in order to use the inflator. This ensures you never over inflate items. It will automatically shut off when reaching the set pressure.
Up to 10 Bar or 150 PSI.
No, this inflator is only used to inflate items.
Yes, up to 10 Bar (150 PSI.)
Yes, it is able to read your tire pressure and display it on the digital LED guage.


  • High-Pressure Inflation—Provides up to 10 Bar (150 PSI), perfect for inflating tyres, sports balls and other small inflatables.
  • Digital LED Gauge displays accurate tire pressure with the ability to preset desired PSI.
  • Powerful LED Light illuminates work areas and includes a red and yellow emergency light.
  • Automatically shuts off when set pressure is reached to avoid over-inflating.
  • 0.9m (3-ft.) high-pressure hose provides extended reach—3 adaptors store onboard for tyres, sports equipment and air mattresses.
  • Compact design makes it portable and easy to transport and store.
  • Do it all with the same battery—Worx Power Share is compatible with all Worx 20V and 40V tools, outdoor power and lifestyle products.
  • *Battery and charger not included.

Peace of Mind Is Priceless

The Worx 20V Power Share Portable Inflator will fill up 4.5 of 215/5517 tyres from 2,5 Bar (0-36 PSI) on one charge of a 2.0Ah 20V battery. And it’ll inflate each of those tyres from flat to full in about 4 minutes apiece.

Can Be Used as an Emergency Light, Too

Perfect for car emergency kits, it’s an inflator, powerful flashlight, and red and yellow emergency light all in one. You’ll be glad it’s in the trunk next time you feel like you’ve got a flat.


Specification Value
Battery Not included
Voltage 20V MAX
Max Pressure 10 Bar | 150 PSI
Inflating Efficiency 215/55R17 tire from 0 to 2,5 Bar in 4 mins 5 seconds
Inflate per Charg 4.5 x 215/55R17 tyres per 2.0Ah
LED Light 100-200 Lumens
Unit Weight 0,8kg | 1.78 lbs.


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