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WORX Newsletter August 2021


WORLD of WORX – news from the most innovative tool maker in the world

South Africa has welcomed WORX with open arms. Powertools and Powered garden equipment available to date have not offered much choice, variation and innovation. WORX has written into their DNA the need to break this standstill in tool advancement. Perhaps though allow us to provide some background.

It all started in 1994, the year Nelson Mandela was inaugurated as South Africa’s first black president. WORX originally started as an OEM manufacturer for some of the largest powertool brands in the world. This was common around this time with the traditional American and German brands moving manufacture to lower cost production countries. WORX distinguished itself from other manufacturing suppliers with its ability to design and manufacture products to the demanding quality standards required by some of the largest, most prestigious professional brands in the industry. WORX understands how to manufacture excellent quality tools.

Some of the OEM customers started building their own manufacturing plants in China and WORX realized it was time to change the game. In 2003, we started a new journey of transformation to become a global brand company.

Today, a large array of products are made by WORX. The focus is though is not on making the same tools that we have always had but innovatively change the tools we use in the future. Take for instance the WORX HydroShot. A cordless high-pressure washer designed for mobile cleaning from any clean water source. Or the Switch Driver with 2 chucks to drill and drive in a seamless process. Our favourite the AeroCart is a prime example of how a humble wheelbarrow can be re-engineered to offer a tool so versatile you will be amazed. Don’t take our word, go check it out at  While you there tell us what products you like and would like more information on.

WORX can have can be found on the shelves of each of the top 10 largest home improvement retailers in the world….and now we are proud as Vermont to bring WORX to Southern Africa