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Power Cleaners

Brand: WORX Cat No: WRX WA4038
WORX WA4038 Hydroshot Bottle Cap Connector with Draw Hose The Hydroshot Bottle Cap Connector makes your power washer even more portable. Take it anywhere without worrying about finding a garden hose to attach it to or a body of fresh water to pull from. Just fill up any regular soda bottle with..
R 179.40
Ex Tax:R 156.00
Brand: WORX Cat No: WRX WA4048
WORX Hydroshot 7' Cleaning Brush Attachment Attaches easily to your Hydroshot with a low-pressure flow that washes away the dirt as the brush loosens it up — a perfect cleaning combo.7 in. multi-purpose cleaning brush with low-pressure water flow. Quick snap connection provides steady wate..
R 399.05
Ex Tax:R 347.00
Brand: WORX Cat No: WRX WA4015
WORX WA4037 Hydroshot Turbo Water Nozzle AccessoryThe WORX WA4037 Hydroshot Turbo Nozzle simply connects to the front of your Hydroshot lance. The turbo nozzle delivers 360° of rotating water, which allows a larger surface area to be cleaned when compared to the standard nozzle fitted on..
R 454.25
Ex Tax:R 395.00
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